Green Cheek Conure Personality

Green cheeks make excellent pets. Green-cheeked conures have become a favorite in the pet trade because of their sweet personality characteristics and fun disposition. 

I love how active they are in and out of their cages, and their funny antics that are meant to entertain watchers (dancing, hanging upside-down, turning head almost upside down when looking at you).

Personality Vs. Bigger Parrots 

These little guys are all parrot, with clownish personalities similar to those of their much bigger cousins, the macaws. Green cheeks are said to have the playfulness, affection and intelligence of a Macaw, without the personality problems. Most will also hold their own with any of the mid-sized or medium-large parrots in terms of being clever.   

Owners will tell you that Green Cheek personalities more than make up for what they might lack in the speech department. However, some particularly smart green cheeks learned to talk quite well, according to their owners.

Do Green Cheek Conures Make Good Pets?

Green cheek conures, like many other conures, are known to be a bit nippy. Lots of toys are recommended to keep their beaks from “getting busy” on your furniture. However, juveniles naturally go through nippy phases that can be hard on their owners’ hands. Experienced pet owners learn to read the body language of their pets and can avoid getting bitten (most days.) Other than a slight nippy phase, green cheeks make good pets for just about any owner.

Give them interaction with their social group, entertainment, things to do — or else they will become bored and develop behavioral problems.

Important green cheek conure personality tip #1: learn to understand their needs and to guide their personality traits before an undesirable behavior has been established.

Quiet, Please!

Another reason for their popularity is their characteristic trait of not being noisy.  Noise is less of a problem with green cheeks, although their call can be irritating to sensitive ears.  Along with other Pyrrhura conures, they are only moderately loud, therefore making acceptable pets for apartment dwellers.

Want to own a conure? Most bird lovers do; it’s hard to beat the great personality of these loving clowns. However, many are discouraged because of their shrill calls. Not these little guys! Owning a Green-cheek Conure has all the benefits of conure characteristics and personality traits without the loudness.  Green cheek conures are the best alternative to owning a true conure without the noise.

Mr. Green Cheek, You’re all Cuddles

Along with being playful Green-cheek Conures have very affectionate personalities. Owners report their Green-cheek Conures climbing through their hair or finding pockets to cuddle in. Most seem to thoroughly enjoy cuddling whenever their favorite human is available. Many green-cheeks like to snuggle in their human’s hands, or under their hair, wherever they can get closest to their favorite people.

These pint size birds are known to have an affectionate and playful personality with their owners, thriving on the time they are able to spend socializing with them. Most green cheeks just adore having their heads and necks rubbed; many also like to be petted all over and some will allow you to do things like flip them over on their backs and rub their tummies. Conures in general tend to have very cuddly personalities, like their larger cousins the macaws.

 These small conures are great with kids or spouses, letting anyone handling them. However, individual personality differences do exist, as some green conures will bite if you don’t cuddle on their terms. This is mainly due to their natural characteristics of protectiveness over a favorite human.

Important green cheek conure personality tip #2: One of the most important requirements green-cheeks have is just spending time with their people.

Pass the Table Food

Green-cheeked conures also love table food; they are flock animals and love to eat with their family.  In the wild, they would never leave the company of their flock mates. So, just scoot on over and share those grapes!

Green cheeks will also play with you, initiating their own games. One favorite is, “I drop it, you get it”. They love to swing, go in and out of things, lay on their backs, hang upside down, and basically do anything to entertain themselves and their owner. These antics are a hilarious part of the green cheek personality.  Green Cheek Conures are huge personalities bundled in a small, feathery package.

I love all Conures, but am particularly fond of the Green-cheek Conures, personally. They are playful, affectionate and have lots of intelligence. From the experienced bird lady with three Cockatoos to the just starting bird owner, I would recommend the green cheek conure personality for anyone.

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  1. Anonymous

    I'm holding my conure right now, (not sure if she's a cinnamon cheek or green) she has mostly green on her face, with a little bit of orangish red. Lol but this describes her so well (: she's very playful, smart and she gets bored very easily so I always try to stay playful with her. I've had her since I was in 6th grade, Im in 11th now. I'm her favorite human, I know for a fact because if anyone tries to pick her up but me, she'll bite them. (I think its just her personality) but she loves me and I love her very much (: p.s. her name is sasha!

  2. Anonymous

    I just lost my green cheek conure of 22 years and I can say that the bonds they create with their adoring and playful personalities are the strongest you can find. TR kept the light of my life burning bright and if you're lucky enough to have a GCC fall in love with you you'll have years of joy.

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