Green Cheek Conure and Parrot Toy Guide


Q: What makes the perfect green cheek conure toy? I’ve tried every kind of bird-safe toy I can think of with my conure, and he just won’t have anything to do with it. Is there anything I can try to encourage him?

I hate buying toys from pet stores for my green cheek conure because he never plays with them. I’ve had my bird for four months, and he is now 8 months old. But maybe I’m just not finding the kinda toys that conures would like. I also want to know about some cheap homemade bird toys suitable for a green-cheeked Conure or two, i want something that can be easily put together that would be fun for my conures to play with and maybe fascinate them. CHEAP ONES.

I would like to find some other toys that he might like, or learn how to make green cheek toys myself. What would your Greenies or similar species recommend?

Parrot Toys With Bells

A: Some great toys for green cheek conures are ones with bells.  Another suggestion is to get him some foraging things. Then there are advanced foraging toys, puzzle toys, foraging wheels.  Include toys with ropes, bells, shiny objects, and bird seed.

Safey and Bird Toys Hazards

Zinc: zinc bird toys are shinier
than stainless steel (safe) bird toys

First, inspect every conure toy before purchase for possible safety hazards. Many toys use galvanized wire to string beads on, which, if it’s chewed on, could cause zinc poisoning.

To avoid this, make your own parrot toys at home. There are many other possible safety hazards as well – you really just need to keep an eye out!

Green Cheek Conure Playgyms/Playstands

What about playgyms, and T-stands, and other bird accesories? There’s a few things to look for in a parrot play stand – first, if it has several perches, will the bird be able to easily get from perch to perch?

So many manufacturers seem to think that our birds can fly from perch to perch! Also, there should be at least one place to hang a toy or two. A tired bird (from playing!) is a happy bird. Climbing should be a good workout, so add a ladder and a treat to the playgym when your green cheek gets to the top.

Your conure will also appreciate a large play stand, again, equipped with lots of toys. If the bird will be spending a lot of time on the stand, then there should be food and water dishes.

Parrot Toy Size

 For green cheeks, toys that are suitable for cockatiels through small Amazons are just about right. Each bird will have his own individual toy preferences, but there are some things to look for and some to avoid.

Most green cheeks love toys, and these should always be available. Remember that toys are intended to be destroyed – they aren’t a one-time purchase thing, you’ll have to replace them continually.  They will use toys that are larger than those intended for cockatiels, because they’re rougher players than cockatiels!

Homemade Green Cheek Conure Toys

Parrot-safe toy keys

I have found a few toys that green cheeks will knock around for hours,I would say that their favorite things are the jiggley cat balls. Also, invest in making parrot toys yourself at home from spare toy parts. These are a lot of birds favorites. Making parrot toys means collecting scrap paper, wood, and plastic supplies.

Use empty toilet paper rolls, toilet paper, cardobard, small pieces of sticks, pen caps,  egg crates, bic pen tubes parts (get rid of the ink insert), and keys.

A note about toy keys: only use plastic, colored, parrot-safe keys. NEVER give your green cheek conure real copper, metal, or zinc keys to play with, as this could end in bird metal poisoning or death.

Popsicle sticks could be good as toy parts or even just paper in different shapes and sizes could be good just for them to shred. The easiest and cheapest toy I found was a basket with crinkle paper in it and hiding sun flower seeds in the paper.

Wood Toys

I know there of some green cheek conure owners who have had  success with wooden toys. I have about 4 wooden toys on top of the cage and 3 hung inside.

One of my green cheek conures is not a chewer, but I had one wooden toy in there for over a year and she managed to make some headway into it. Other then that she hasn’t chewed any other wood in the years that I’ve had her.

So, not all birds like wood toys. But for birds who do, wood chewing is a way to exercise, trim the beak, and satisfy natural instincts for digging/excavating nests. Place wood perches, swings, playstands, wood chips, and blocks in the green cheek’s cage to get a feel for their wood chewing preferences.

Preferences for wooden toys, playstands/playgyms, or home made foraging toys varies between conures. Experiment to see which toy your green cheek conure favors. A good, healthy diet, large cage and appropriately sized naturtal branch perches with lots of green cheek toys, plus your attention will be all you need once the bird is cleared by the Avian Vet.