Q: How To Potty Train a Green Cheek Conure?

If you want to potty train a green cheek conure, the method can be quick and easy! The easy part for the bird owner is, is that the potty training process is the same for cinnamon, turquoise, and yellow sided green cheek conures across the pet parrot world. 

All you have to do to teach your green cheek conure toilet training is to follow these bird potty training steps:

Before You Can Potty Train a Green Cheek Conure, Know When They Go

Like my 2 year old toddler, I’ve observed that green cheek conures do a “potty dance” before they go. The ultimate goal is to get your green cheek conure to stop pooping on you. This means you should recognize the dance, and roll with it.

This is how you stop them: Right before birds go to the bathroom, they normally tense up (the first stage of the potty dance.) These are signs a green cheek conure is about to poop. If you notice your green cheek conure lifting their wings, lowering their head or wiggling their butt, it means your green cheek is about to potty! To effectively potty train a green cheek conure, recognize your bird’s “potty” dance.

Work On A Cue To Toilet Train Green Cheeks

The next step to teach your green cheek to stop pooping everywhere is to work on a signal for when you notice the potty dance. It can be any sign. Make up a word. Then say that word excitedly when you notice them about to poop on your favorite shirt. Eventually your bird will associate that sound with going potty.

Move The Green Cheek Away To Potty Train Them

When you teach your bird what the sound means (normally it only takes a couple of weeks of train them) then move them over their cage, a napkin, the sink, or anywhere you want them to poop as the next stage of Potty Training your Green Cheek Conure. Eventually they’ll learn, that whenever you say your special word, they need to go to that spot to poop.

To Potty Train a Green Cheek Conure, whether it’s a cinnamon or yellow sided, doesn’t have to make you rip your hair out. Potty training a feather friend can be easy. Green cheek conures and other companion parrots are generally smart, and get the hang of it fast when you potty train them. You’ll never again have your green cheek conure pooping on you or the furniture.

To Potty Train a Green Cheek Conure easily takes time, patience, and a lot of clean change of shirts.

3 thoughts on “Q: How To Potty Train a Green Cheek Conure?”

  1. Tracy

    I started potty training our green cheek after having her a couple of month. We never let her out of her cage in the morning without saying "go poop". She always goes! She rides around on my shoulder most of the day and as long as I remember to put her on her perch fairly often I can avoid getting pooped. Sometimes she say's to me "go poop", so I run and put her on her perch and she goes. She's a smart little bird. Now if I could just get her to stop chewing the leather furniture!

  2. Anonymous

    Yes they Are! I taught mine not to And He Started Chewing His Feathers In Retaliation, Started Letting Him Chew What He Wants Now He's Very Handsome.

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